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Hiking the West Coast

Love what you do...and who you do it with. Posts from the #honeymoonhikers

Three Fingered Jack (Cascades, OR) 2018

This destination is on the Pacific Coast Trail in the Cascade Mountain region of Oregon. The hike is amazing. The views and terrain are rapidly changing at each turn - with matching aromas that put perm-a-grins on your face. You simply cannot stop smiling and looking at all the trees, rocks, views, and fellow hikers along the way. This day in late July, had many PCT hikers that looked as if they had been out for several days already. It was quite interesting to see the different types of humans out on the adventure.

To get to this hike, you will be parking at the PCT parking area that has pavement and bathroom facilities - NO WATER though. There are a few trails that meet with junction points.

This hike was my first attempt, while it was Chris' second. After we prepared for what we believed to be a 7-8 mile 'round trip hike, we soon discover that we were 7-8 miles in. We just kept going with excitement to see more... we did not mind the double time, since we made no other plans that day. However, we were not prepared with the proper amount of fluids or fuel for that duration and weather. Therefore, we had no choice but to ration what we had left. When we finally decided to turn around and head back, we noticed rather quickly that we were running low on our energy levels.

We learned:

1) Each hiker should have a backpack (even if your partner tells you that they will put your things in their pack) ... bring your own! It is completely kind of your partner (my partner as well) to offer to do this, but it is helpful to have plenty, rather than not enough.

2) Fill your backpack with the following: extra chap-stick, extra water, extra energy chews/jellies/or bars, a jacket (just in case), wear sunglasses, add a hat or bandanna, chewing gum (it's helpful if you are low on fluid), wear comfortable hiking boots (we noticed that Chris had blisters on his feet and he is a seasoned hiker), tissue, small emergency kit, flashlight,

What to Expect on the Hike?

If you choose to do the hike we did and gain elevation for the views, you will be in awe of what you see. You will be east to Black Butte, south to the Three Sisters, west to Maxwell Butte and then just ahead you will see the tip of the Three Fingered Jack. The steep slopes, several switchbacks, and the views of the alpines seem to be what keeps your motivation up, the country is wondrous.

As you continue your hike, you will see the peak's crags, volcanic contours, with red and black stripes which create such curiosity as you gaze up toward the mountain peak. There are meadows, rock climbers, backpackers, horses, a variety of birds, squirrels and vegetation. This is a must do hike - I am excited to go back.


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