Family Mediation Services


If you need a divorce, legal separation, child custody plan, or just a mediated agreement to move forward and have not been successful in the litigation process give us a call. Our desire is to work through the mediation process to help create the best possible outcome for everyone involved. 

Other mediation services


What type of conflict are you involved in?

  • Business dispute?

  • Construction/Homeowner/Sub-Contractor Dispute?

  • Small Claims Dispute?

  • Landlord/Tenant Dispute?

  • Real Estate Dispute?

  • Do you need a legal agreement and do not want to go through the costly process of litigation?


We have the training and the unique talent of creating an atmosphere where you can effectively communicate in order to create peace and resolve to your unique situation. 

Parenting Coordinator &
Parenting Evaluator Services

Parenting is hard enough, let alone trying to co-parent after a divorce. We provide the space for you to communicate through the process of parenting time and varying custody issues. We are experienced and effective in high conflict relationships. We have creative ideas, many successful agreements, an environment that creates peace, with a unique style.

*Additionally, we can arrange for our Early Childhood specialist on our team to care for your child(ren) if you do not have adequate provisions for them while in mediation. (Additional fees apply) Sherrene is certified as a Parent Coordinator  and Parent Evaluator.

Relationship Coaching & Restoration
Adult Life Coaching (Ages 20 & beyond)
Youth Life Coaching (Ages 11-19)
Child Coaching (Ages 5-10)
Providing you with the tools to begin your journey with an all new outlook, we help you find your purpose and visualize your dreams coming true, with encouragement, motivation, and guidance. You will be amazed at our unique Child,Youth & Adult Coaching style that is 100% customized specifically for you.
Life is amazing! We are excited for the opportunity to meet you and see how we might be able to restore and renew your relationship.

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