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Distanced Couple
Family Mediation Services


If you need help in your marriage, we have the right type of relationship coaching just for you. Through a type of mediation process we can help you navigate the best possible outcome for everyone involved. 

If divorce is the answer, we can help you as well.

School Children
Parenting Coordinator


Parenting is hard enough, let alone trying to co-parent after a divorce or separation. We provide the space for you to communicate through the process of parenting time and varying custody issues. We are experienced and effective in high conflict disputes. We have creative ideas, many successful agreements, and an environment that promotes peace.

Other mediation services


What type of conflict are you involved in?

  • Business dispute?

  • Construction/Homeowner/Sub-Contractor Dispute?

  • Small Claims Dispute?

  • Landlord/Tenant Dispute?

  • Real Estate Dispute?

  • Do you need a legal agreement and do not want to go through the costly process of litigation?


We have the training and ability to provide you with a mediation service that resolves as peacefully as possible.

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