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Sherrene has spent her entire life playing in the outdoors, she enjoys many physical activities, sports, & outdoor fun. She uses outdoor activity in youth & adult coaching. An active lifestyle increases all of our

"feel good-




the brain.



with the mind,

body, &

soul. In addition, 

Sherrene uses her 

years of experience 

with art,

nature, and

music to

connect in a 

fun & unique


Let Laughter be your form of medicine.

 Be of good Cheer...

Tell your


& family

that they matter, that they are valuable to

you, &

that they are important in this world.

"People who shine from within

do not need

the spotlight." 

Surround yourself with people who

talk about visions,

dreams & ideas, not people.

Beautiful ballerina

Gabriella has

been dancing 

since she was 3.

She now teaches

dance: hip-hop,

jazz, tap, and 

ballet. She teaches

3 yrs old and up.

She is planning 

creating a dance team 

that travels to competitions.

She looks forward to using

dance in her pre-school

classroom and working with

the youth in our area that

may not be able to

afford dance.

Gabriella has multiple talents

to share and we are

thankful she joined our team.

with the Ziegler boys.jpg
tap beauty.jpg

Sherrene has worked for her father's Construction Company throughout her life. She understands both the homeowner's and the Contractor's perspectives and the complaints that may arise. She believes her experience growing up as a Contractor's daughter, learning the ins and outs of the trades, and witnessing what the homeowners experience during construction has made her a skilled and knowledgeable advocate for Contractor/Homeowner Mediation. She has empathy for the miscommunication and misunderstandings that seem common in the industry. She feels confident that she can help mediate the conflicts before either party turns toward litigation. 

Sherrene and Gabriella make a great team. They work together to provide the best possible outcomes for children and youth. With their combined experience and education, they can help guide parents and children through most trials and trauma that children may unfortunately experience. They have a heart to serve as coaches for the kiddos, through their hardships of; abuse, divorce, bullying, the child welfare system, and much more. Their desire is to see the process through until the child/youth is in a more positive and peaceful place than when they first came in to see us. 

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