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Words From The Clients:


Mediation Services

  • “We all feel you did a wonderful job and we were able to enjoy (name redacted) joining us for Christmas. For that I thank you. We will most likely be using your services in the future.”

- Father after a Family Mediation C.A.


Parent Coordination Services

  • “Because of the work you do and time you take for my kids, I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my son for the first time in five years”

- Father in Southern Oregon


Family Advocacy

  • “It is because of your diligent work and faithfulness to the family, that their children were brought back home. I don’t know of anybody who would do what you have done. It is a miracle”

- A Professional Colleague L.C.


Teen Services

  • “I just wanted to send this letter to thank you Sherrene. You would not recognize me now, but I am a wife, a mother of two, and I attend a church family in Washington. Thank you for believing in me and taking the time”

- Past Teen struggling with addictions & cutting her body - ‘Monique’  She is now in her 30’s, residing in the state of Washington. This a family picture and this quote is from a letter that was mailed by US postal


Teen Services

  • “Your efforts with our son has sure paid off. Boy he has become such a fine young man. Thank you for taking him in when he was 17, he is now a great father and I enjoy him very much. It is fun being a grandpa.”

[- Father of Teen addicted to Drugs and Alcohol in 1999 (quote came from the father Jan, 2019)]

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