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Hiking the Southern Coast of Oregon

Love what you do...and who you do it with. Posts from the #honeymoonhikers

Who better to hike with than your life partner?

November 17, 2017 Chris and I exchanged marriage vows to one another in Gold Beach, California. We chose to stay the week at a beautiful house located on the hillside in a remote, small, private cove (in Brookings, Oregon), we explored around coastal cliffs looking for hikes that looked appealing to us.

The Natural Bridge hike (Coastal HWY 101)

This was a spectacular hike for a sure footed explorer: The ocean views were compelling you to just sit and watch the waves crash against the large rocky shoreline. This time of year, the storms are beginning and the waves are getting more aggressive. We encourage the advanced hikers to try the natural bridge walking along the outer region of this cove. The panoramic view out on the edge, high above the ocean waters, yet close enough to feel the spray of the crashing waves against the earth's ridge where the ocean meets with a powerful wet kiss are simply unimaginable.

Along the hike out to this rather advanced area of the natural bridge, that you may attempt to hike, you will want several layers of clothing. We noticed that we were taking off our jackets, then putting them back on, throughout the short journey.

  • Wear waterproof clothing if in the fall and winter time

  • Bring a backpack full of your normal hiking necessities; tissue, chap-stick, sunglasses, hats, water, snacks, etc

  • Be sure to bring a camera, if possible a set of binoculars would be fantastic for looking around at all of the glorious details along the natural bridge way over the ocean waters


Hiking along the coastal cliffs with crash-waves!


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