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Technology Use

Because we know that smartphones and other forms of media can be distracting and encourage social barriers, we have limited use of such items permitted. There will be a phone available for emergency calls and/or texts only, but as this is a program designed for adolescent coaching and growth, we do not allow personal devices to be in use during camp sessions.  


Teacher/Mentor Qualifications

All leaders and/or mentors will have a minimum of a two-year degree from an accredited collegiate institution. This degree must have a focus in psychology, human development, or a social science. Each leader will also be required to complete a First Aid and CPR training course. Additionally, our adopted survival certification system is required of all staff to complete. “Basic Survival Concepts/Survival Theory” has course material consisting of but not limited to, using a compass, collecting rainwater, emergency shelters, building a proper fire, tying knots, and so on. This program highlights the triangle of survival as well as survival priorities.


The owner and camp executive director has a Bachelor’s in Social Science [strong emphasis in Psychology], a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist practitioner, and holds several other certificates all regarding human behavior and relationships. She is also currently working on a doctoral certificate in Teaching and Educational Curriculum. She recently rebirthed a non-profit organization - now relabeled as; Involved at the Dream Center.


The co-owner (and spouse of the executive director) has military experience; serving a total of 8 years in the United States Army and ending his career time with the National Guard, in the state of Washington. He is the Branch Manager of a successful construction wholesale company, has coaching experience, numerous certificates, and enjoys working with the youth. He shows exemplary leadership, models good character, and is the co-founder of a new non-profit organization called; Involved at the Dream Center.


The program manager has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences, while working on her CBT practitioner’s certificate, she owns a pre-school and works as a child care specialist in her spare time. She is currently the Secretary on the Advisory Board of Involved at the Dream Center.


We encourage continuing education all throughout life and hope that this mindset transfers to everyone we work with, even if traditional education isn’t their personal route. We believe the amount of knowledge a human is possible of obtaining is directly correlated with their willingness and desire to learn new things. Taking action is the key to all desired change.


We explain our qualifications to bring credibility to the leaders in our program.


Special Dietary Needs

As many people with allergies know, it is extremely difficult to find places that will accommodate to individual needs with meals; however, one of our staff members also has an extensive amount of allergens to pay attention to. This means we are familiar with common ingredient substitutions and can plan accordingly if we enroll an individual with specific dietary needs. Please contact us for further information on this topic if you are needing a specific meal plan, upon enrollment.



Individuals who are enrolled in our program will need to find transportation to and from our camp; however, all outings during camp sessions will be included in your purchased package.



Our preferred ratio of teens to adults is 2:1; however, as each camp session fills, we may choose to change this ratio accordingly depending on who we have enrolled and how they interact together. This program’s max ratio of teens to adults is 4:1.


Financial Aid

We do offer a limited amount of partial scholarships for interested applicants to complete. This application process will operate on a sliding scale basis, depending on family income and size. If you feel you may qualify for this service, please contact us for further assistance.



We offer this program to anyone that is able to participate in verbal, mental, and physical challenges. While some of our activities involve serious physical abilities, such as hiking, mountain biking, or in some cases rafting in the river; we may still provide accommodation for individuals with limited mobility and/or in need of modifications. Our style does not fit inside of a box, so we just go with it! If you have questions… ask away.


Who Attends

Struggles occur in any household, with any age, at any time. We are here to provide tools that give individuals skills to cope with these struggles and overcome them through resiliency. Adolescent Adventures works with children specifically ages 12 through 19. Any gender, race, religion, or culture is welcomed into our program.

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