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Castle Canyon Trail 765: Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars in Google reviews, this seemingly easy hike is only 1.6 miles round trip. However, after the first gradual grades through old wilderness, hikers will reach a steep and narrow path in the second half of the journey. Is it worth it? Of course! Once hikers reach the end of the trail, tower-like rock formations are revealed as Pinnacles.

Castle Canyon Trailhead

Tam McArthur Rim Trail: With an end reward of arriving at a hidden lake, this 5.1 mile hike just outside of Sisters, Oregon is well worth it. With a number of activities available to hikers, this trail is a must-see experience as it reveals views of Broken Top mountain. 

Tam McArthur Rim Tral

Anns Butte: Just a short 12 minute drive from one of our most beautiful Central Oregon lodging areas; Sunriver Resort, this trailhead offers sneak peek views of our typically snow-covered mountains. With a narrow and rocky trailhead at times, hikers must be aware of their surroundings while adventuring.

Ann's Butte

Smith Rock State Park: Considered one of the seven wonders of Oregon, this massive mineral formation has been a haven for rock climbers of America since rock climbing became a thing. Its extensive amounts of trailheads ranging from climbing, hiking, and equestrian trails, allow for many sightseeing opportunities. As the Crooked River winds around these trails, many explorers are able to see animals like mule deer, golden eagles, and sometimes even otters.

Smith Rock State Park

Black Butte Trailhead: Located near Camp Sherman just outside of Sisters, Oregon, this 3.9 mile hike may get you sweaty, but should cool you off once you reach its peak. The duration of this hike includes a 1,538 foot elevation gain, often revealing a snow-covered top.

Black Butte Trailhead

Peterson Ridge Trail: Originally designed as a mountain bike trailhead in 1989, this system of single-track trails has grown by over 20 miles since then. These trails are mostly level and free of obstacles; however, bikers should be mindful of occasional rocks and/or roots.

Peterson Ridge Trail

Whychus Creek Trail: While hikers only experience an 800-foot incline on this adventure, the overall route is slightly longer consisting of 5.8 miles. This trailhead reveals hidden waterfalls and magnificent rock structures throughout, and before continuing to the main trail hikers are invited to take a look at the gorgeous views of our surrounding Cascade Mountains at the first designated viewpoint.

Whychus Creek Trail

Black Crater Trailhead: Rated a whopping 5/5 stars on Google reviews, this rigorous trailhead consists of a 2,351 foot elevation increase over a 7+ mile hike. As the terrain proves strenuous for most, it’s a rewarding experience once hikers reach the top views.

Black Crater Trailhead

Three Fingered Jack: Featuring a trailhead that begins as part of the well known Pacific Crest Trail, this rigid pathway serves hikers and rock climbers primarily. With plenty of wildflowers in sight, hikers look forward to the delightful viewpoint around the 5 mile marker.

Three Finered Jack

South Sister Summit: With one of the largest elevation gains at 4,940 feet, this 11.2 mile hike proves to be very difficult for any adventurer. Being the third tallest mountain in Oregon, this journey reveals views of North Sister, Middle Sister, and Three Fingered Jack mountains primarily, although many others can be viewed on clear days as well.

south sister.jpg
South Sister Summit
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