Make your own ripple in the world and see how far it goes...


The objective for the organization is to make a positive impact in our community, state, nation, and world through offering services, ideas, and projects that have been identified as a need for the growing population on this planet. We want to bring services and programs that promote social involvement such as; environmental awareness, understanding our personal impact on the community, conflict resolution management/skills for infants through the end of life years, youth/teen events, infant/child programs, home economic skills for young families and/or families in need, elderly programs, a small community garden, and training on topics that are identified through reaching out to the community. Our dream is to travel around going from community to community teaching and helping to implement the following programs. 

By encouraging, a peaceful communication process while understanding the needs of each human, we believe that together we can build a more united place to live in. It all begins with having a conversation... being willing to listen with open communication, transparent motivation, and an undying love for others. So selfishness is not allowed. No bullies. No wasters of time, money, or things. And definitely no... B.S. just sincere bold truth!

Some totally rad humans meet one Saturday per quarter to a specific area of town. This block will have door-to-door service from the totally rad humans, to see if there are any “chores” or physical needs that they can help with {i.e. garbage pick-up, lawn-mowing for elderly, etc.}. The group will learn how providing a service to our community offers peace and love… which will bring joy to the servant in the end. It will also be a positive addition to the city by helping with cleaning up neighborhoods, increased community involvement, and developing responsibility and pride for the community.

Adopt a Block

A group of local humans meet up, choose a trail or natural setting to hike around, ride bikes, or walk; with the intention of cleaning up the area while they are enjoying the hike. Garbage bags are provided for items found that are environmentally unsatisfactory for the area (basically... trash). Mentors spend time in conversations while encouraging; recreational exploration, physical activity & good health, environmental health & safety, and the importance of cleaning up our recreational areas.  (Completely cool place for restorative justice [i.e. juvenile justice or adult probation])

Adopt a Trail

Communication is the exchange of information from one human to the next. If we can learn to understand the needs in the world by listening; keeping an open-mind, withholding judgement, offering hope, and giving of our time through our actions, then we just might be able to produce a positive social shift.


Our success is measured after taking the information shared by our community, state, nation, and world... then acting on it; with transformed, inspired, and creative ideas on how we can work together and make this world an even better planet to live on.

Our Dream is to create Dream Centers of involved humans throughout the world, supporting one another with peace, love, and joy.

Actions speak louder than words. With billions of people in the world, with billions of brains... there cannot be just one way of doing something. There are most likely  billions of ways.


A group of teens [& possibly some rad adults are allowed] that meet to create projects for marketing purposes. This not only helps increase funding from the sales of the projects, but also teaches the reuse, re-purpose, resale idea. The projects are made from items donated to the organization, purchased at thrift stores, or picked up from yard sales. (anything used & @ risk of being thrown into the landfills are important to be creative with re-purposing). Through reusing items that others have no longer wanted, it models reusing & re-purposing in a much cooler way. The idea is action, environmental awareness and understanding the impact that our personal choices have on the future environment. Hopefully, creating more mindful choices within our community and world at large. (**A great opportunity for restorative justice & providing a place for creativity and positivity, rather than punishment) 

Plj Project

This group/gang/friendship team; whatever we want to label it as… will be here to promote safety, support teams, motivational speaking, encouragement, communication, and life-coaching to individuals who have been affected by or a victim of a violent crime (rape, abuse, assaults, murder), bullying, property crime, theft, etc. The purpose of this gang is to bring togetherness, build trust in humanity, show likeness in humanity and how we all fail at times. We may go through trauma and conflict, but we can learn how to use it to positively impact society through understanding others. We will learn what it is like to forgive, to live resiliently, and to help others going through similar struggles.

Get-a-long Gang

We work with families that need help with home economics (i.e. planning & preparation of meals, how to buy groceries for optimal health, how to shop for groceries to create multiple meals, how to most effectively clean the home & keep it clean, hygiene and all other aspects of managing a home with growing children). We work and collaborate with other services and programs in the community to ensure that each family can receive services that may benefit them. The goal is to encourage the families to work as a team toward a mindful, peaceful, and realistic resolution to climb out of their current need; growing into a strong, self-sufficient, and happy family.

This is to avoid the threats of Child Welfare, and the agency removing the children out of the home. We support the parents who are eager to learn and want to keep their families strong, loving, and healthy.

Families First

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