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Involved @ the Dream Center

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Where all your Dreams just might come true...

“All your dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walter E. Disney

We do not make any promises of what will happen for you, in your life. However, we believe that if an individual has a dream, has the courage to pursue them, and does not give up when the hard times come... then all your dreams can come true. It takes hard-work and sacrifice, but in the end a huge reward of seeing the rainbow on the other side.

This non-profit is designed to encourage others to get involved in their community, state, country and world. One person can create a ripple effect that changes the life of another...we just need courage to step out and believe that your actions ( ) will benefit the one you are trying to help - even if it means strife will come your direction as a result of holding someone’s hand in need. It takes courage to stand up to bullying. It takes courage to overcome depression, addiction, poverty, or any other type of circumstance that an individual hasn’t yet been able to overcome.

Here at the Dream Center, we believe that we can connect in a unique way with humans, animals and our environment. We want to connect and offer support to strengthen, encourage, assist in times of need, educate, comfort, and be an ear to those who need it.

So you want to know who and why we want to help?...


We offer any kind of help that we are capable to assist with, or know of a resource that can assist with the individual needs that come to us. We have no age minimum or maximum. We have no ethnic or cultural specifications - we believe we are all of one race - the human race. We do not care of your educational or socioeconomic status, or what religion you say you practice. Our passion is helping humanity, helping other forms of life, taking care of nature and our environment, creating and spreading peace, love and joy.

In addition to helping others, we believe it just may spark the dreamer in them. We all have a purpose for living here on earth, we want to help you find that purpose, or if you know it... we want to help you have the courage to work hard toward it. One step at a time we can show you the way through peace, love, and joy.

The #plj project is the area of our non-profit that uses the creative cognition to engage with the physical, emotional and spiritual environment around us. Those interested not only physically create items for resale in the non-profit store (to create funding for helping our community), but it allows those participating to experience a peaceful and joyful time working together. The #plj project is designed to motivate and encourage everyone to use their creativity- through creative cognition; to become more resourceful to actively discover their interests, talents, and life purpose.

Involved at the Dream center is a mobile service, our traveling office will be completed in January 2019. We are finishing our "tiny office" that can travel to you. Our items online (that are coming soon) have been created by "re-purposing" items that were either donated to thrift stores, found in nature, or were donated to our organization by people just like you. We always take donations. If you would like to get involved by donating: contact us to see how we can make it happen. We appreciate anything to keep this non-profit going. No matter the donation, we can most likely find a way to use it rather than throwing it away in our ever increasing landfills. If we cannot use it, we might be able to tell you how to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

There are many ideas we have to build a great dream center, and much we want to be involved in for our community - the world. Similar to a tree with many branches, are our thoughts on outreach programs for humanity through the root system of the Dream Center we will channel and prune the branches of the programs that we offer, to make them the best they can be. Please continue to follow us and look into the possibilities that are out there for your involvement, if not with us... in your own community.

Peace Love and Joy to you all. (#pljproject; peace love and joy)

For information on:

creative cognition - please review it here: this is a newer neuroscience that we are particularly interested in. This is our disclaimer as it is not our term; although we believe this to be true, we had no part in the research.

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