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You will GROW through what you GO through 


Challenges and problems happen to all... we help youth overcome and conquer their personal challenges, issues, struggles, etc to become the best they can be. 




*Customized youth mentorship - this is developed at the time of consultation

We collect all of the rad information that makes you... YOU!

[More on 2-1 Coaching below]

Call to schedule your consultation. aKt NOW!!


*Annual Camp - One camp for each age group; 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, and 19-20. Each group will only have seven youth per camp!

Camps are booked in age groups only. Camp will fill up, as we keep very small group size for the personalizing and customizing for the youth at their developmental levels.

Your child WILL come back changed with a positive glow about them! 

We just about guarantee that!!

The youth will learn about; how to discover their purpose for life on earth, self-identity, happiness, giving, environmental responsibilities, they will learn about their true-self, understand communication and how to communicate more effectively. The youth will learn how to make decisions that will establish their personal greatness, as we will discuss gifts and talents they may have never known they have.

The location

This particular camp is chosen based on the group we accept during the consultation & registration process. As we said - we design a custom program for the youth registered. We understand that we are all different - not one of us have experienced the same stuff in life - that's what makes us so stinking unique and cool. 


*The 2-1 program

             _  [No matter where you live

If you believe you need an intervention we offer a program customized for your youth. After a thorough consultation and assessment, we can provide you with a custom program that will allow for your youth to have a daily connection with the TWO mentors assigned to them. These coaches will stay with the custom program for a minimum of 6 months [or longer if contracted for that]. The TWO mentors will fly to your area and spend 4 consecutive days a month with your youth providing a 2-1 coaching system. Each program is customized after the personality test, assessment, and the desired outcome have been evaluated. 


Sherrene has an education in; criminal justice, psychology, negotiation, communication, health and fitness, sports, art, PLUS well over 20 years working with youth and families. She puts the right two coaches together for the greatest impact and growth. 





find your purpose... live happily

& put a mark on the earth with your name on it

(no graffiti... you know what we mean)

Custom Youth Life Coach

With over 20 years of experience working with all types of personalities, ages, temperaments, skills, creativity, and motivational levels in youth; we offer the most innovative and amazing youth life coaching system available [yes it is our opinion... but still - you know]. 


"I didn't come here to be average" ~Michael Jordan


Sherrene's experience of growing up in the Bay Area, California and the issues that come from the city, people, pressures, etc. She then has spent the later part of her years in Central Oregon. She raised her two children there and learned the life of the simple, the country and the outdoors. She blends all of her experiences, with her personality, and choosing her teammates in order to design the best most effective youth coaching system. She believes her system is one of a kind. She believes her purpose is to coach specific youth; she will interview you and the family to make sure the program is a fit that will be most effective for you.


Our team is talented and skilled in relating to youth on their level. 

Words are like seeds. We speak victory, success, & new levels for all who enter our programs. 



Youth 2-1 



The Unique Youth 2017-2018

Transforming YOUTH 

understanding their personality

and their life experiences...

They will NEVER be the same!

Camp in Oregon/California

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