Are you a parent who has found youself searching for ways to protect your parental rights to parent your children without government involvement?

Or do you know someone who is currently frantically searching for wys to improve their chances of having

Then this book may be for you, or that person you know. Inside this book are step by step suggestions to their children reunified back to the family? ways that you may be able to better protect yourself and the accusations that you feel are not truthful. Additionally, this book provides examples of emails to send, ideas for successful supervised visits with your children, forms to send in to advocate for your rights, links to informative websites and where to locate your Civil Rights so that you can be fully informed.

This book does not offer legal advice, rather it offers logical examples with ideas of ways that you can stand up for your family and prove your parental ability to provide a safe and healthy lifestyle for your children.

This book is a must have for any parent of any age child.

Knowing Your Rights; Before You LoseThem


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